Ski Slide Pad

Ski Slide Pad

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The Ski-Slide-Pad is a 25mm thick high density foam padded evacuation device with a polyethylene base. The Ski-Slide-Pad is in a stored wipe able bag that can be wall mounted if required. The main features of the Ski-Slide-Pad is that it has slide sheets fitted to both sides of the pad for easy of patient transfer onto the pad that can also can be used as a protective cover for the patient. The Ski-Slide-Pad has a polyethylene base which allows the pad to be dragged easier on most surfaces and easier control when going down stairs. The Ski-Slide-Pad has a wipe able PU top and a large foot pocket to prevent the patient sliding forwards when going down stairs. The Ski-Slide-Pad has pulling handles at each end and three cross straps with metal buckles as standard.
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