Sinus retractor Kohler Medizintechnik

Sinus retractor Kohler Medizintechnik
Kohler Medizintechnik

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The new sinus retractor is a revolutionary development. The end of the instrument is designed asymmetrically, consequently there is the R-version for right and the L-version for left. The sinus retractor is also suitable for retraction in the anterior region, therefore only these two instruments are necessary for the complete upper jaw. Retraction of the mucoperiosteal flyp during lateral sinus window preparation during lifting the sinus membrane and during bone augmentation with or without simultaneous implant placement will be facilitated by the development of this new instrument because the mucosal flap will be secured by the "shark-teeth". It will therefore no longer be necessary to press the retractor firmly against the jaw bone. Additionally, the shape of the instrument end prevents the instrument from sliding into the sinus window and the anatomical handle ensures the assistant needs only moderate retraction force. This optimises working efficiency according to the slogan: optimised security, simplicity and efficiency. The retractors are protected by law.
  • Area of the body:sinus
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