Dental root elevator LUXACUT® Kohler Medizintechnik

Dental root elevator LUXACUT® Kohler Medizintechnik

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LUXACUT® luxation instruments with very delicate and sharp working ends allow a gentle penetration into the periodontal gap and ensure a smooth widening of the alveole. The instruments are perfect for an atraumatic tooth extraction, for example before implantation. For molars we recommend the curved and angled models. LUXACUT® are available in sizes of 2, 3, 4, 5 mm width straight, curved, angled left or right with Apical or Bein handle flat or slightly grooved with Titanium tips as LUXA-PERIO – combination between LUXACUT® and periotome Attention: LUXACUT® are designed for a cutting movement, not for a leverage movement!
Bodenseealle 14-16,
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