Dental scissors / tungsten carbide MAGICUT® Kohler Medizintechnik

Dental scissors / tungsten carbide MAGICUT® Kohler Medizintechnik

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with ceramic coating offer a surface hardness (approx. 85 HRC) as never seen before; the hardness is considerably higher than that of Tungsten Carbide scissors. The ceramic coating combines inseparably with the Stainless Steel in a low-temperature process, and fuses both physically and chemically with the parent material. This means material flaking of any kind is impossible. Ceramic-coated surfaces are extremely resistant to all the wear and stress of daily use and chemical conditioning. extremely durable and utilisable tremendous abrasion resistance anti-glare surface – no disturbing light reflections microscopically smooth surface – notably improved corrosion resistance lower adhesion factor, therefore, lower wear ceramic is tissue-friendly and biocompatible anti-allergenic function
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  • Medical procedure:dental
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