Sintering oven / dental laboratory AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen

Sintering oven / dental laboratory AUSTROMAT 664 iSiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen

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The AUSTROMAT® 664 iSiC® merging the performance and efficiency of the sintering furnace AUSTROMAT baSiC® and the ease of use of the firing furnace AUSTROMAT® 624. Together with its small footprint the AUSTROMAT® 664 iSiC® fills the missing link to a reasonable priced entry level sintering furnace for your table top cnc mill or to a cost effective compensational sintering unit in your milling center. Efficient, User-friendly, Future-oriented The high temperature furnace AUSTROMAT® 664 iSiC® is equipped with two silicon carbide heating elements to safely and consistently operate at temperatures up to 1530 °C. All components of the AUSTROMAT® 664 iSiC® firing chamber are made of highest purity, durable materials to ensure very homogeneous heat distribution and a clean atmosphere. A patent pending, DEKEMA® specific Platin/Platin Rhodium thermocouple monitors the temperature inside the sintering chamber. Up to 15 units to a maximum diameter of 65 mm might be simultaneously sintered on top of the patented insulation table, optionally in two levels. Our time tested AutoDry®-system has been further improved, providing both, precise drying steps, as well as quick and direct heating and cooling steps, for extremely short sintering cycles.
  • Function:sintering
  • Domain:dental laboratory
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