Sintering furnace / dental laboratory 1600 °C | AUSTROMAT ?SiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen

Sintering furnace / dental laboratory 1600 °C | AUSTROMAT ?SiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen
1600 °C | AUSTROMAT ?SiC

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The DEKEMA high temperature furnace AUSTROMAT µSiC is equipped with three silicon carbide heating elements to safely and consistently operate at temperatures up to 1600°C. Outstanding strength, durability and long-life cycles characterize these heating elements. The firing chamber is especially designedin a cylindrical shape, closed from below by a vibration-free lift. All components of the AUSTROMAT µSiC firing chamber are made of highest purity materials to ensure a very homogeneous heat distribution and a clean atmosphere. Two platinum/platinum-rhodium thermocouples monitor and control the temperature. Several levels of diameters up to 10 cm can be placed on top the multilayered insulation table up to a height of 15 cm; thus, sintering of more than 80 units is possible at a time. The sintering crucibles provide openings on their sides to allow the use of the gripper tool (optionally availability) for easy and safe loading and unloading. The time-tested Autodry system of conventional DEKEMA ceramic furnaces guarantees both precise drying above 50°C and very quick and direct cooling below 1000°C.
  • Domain:dental laboratory
  • Function:sintering
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