Sintering furnace / dental laboratory 1560 °C | AUSTROMAT baSiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen

Sintering furnace / dental laboratory 1560 °C | AUSTROMAT baSiC Dekema Dental-Keramiköfen
1560 °C | AUSTROMAT baSiC

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The AUSTROMAT baSiC high-temperature furnace by DEKEMA is equipped with two silicone carbide heating elements that produce sintering temperatures up to 1,560°C; these heating elements are distinguished by their unique robustness and longevity. The bottom part of the two-part firing chamber is manually drawn out by a drawer for loading and unloading. The drawer must be closed for the lift to join or separate the two halves of the firing chamber. All components of the AUSTROMAT baSiC firing chamber consist of highly pure materials and provide very homogenous temperature distribution for sintering without discoloring the sintered object. The temperature is checked and controlled by two thermocouples made of platinum/platinumrhodium. About 25 units can be placed on the sintering platform. The AutoDry system in conventional DEKEMA ceramic furnaces enables precise drying starting at 80°C in the AUSTROMAT baSiC and also quickly and precisely cools the sintered objects. Depending on the employed materials, the sintering time can be shortened to 90 minutes including the cooling time. Related programs are either preprogrammed in the factory, or they can be downloaded from the DEKEMA database via the internet. The AUSTROMAT baSiC requires little space due to its compact design and the sandwich insulation.
  • Function:sintering
  • Domain:dental laboratory
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