Rotator cuff ligament prosthesis / synthetic LEEDS-KEIO™ Neoligaments

Rotator cuff ligament prosthesis / synthetic LEEDS-KEIO™ Neoligaments

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The Leeds-Keio™ Shoulder Ligament is a polyethylene terephthalate scaffold supplied with a fixation Toggle and stainless steel introducer tube for ease of implantation. Indications The Leeds-Keio Shoulder Ligament is recommended for the correction of anterior instabilities of the shoulder. It may also be indicated for multi-directional instabilities. The shoulder ligament operates in three ways to control humeral head luxation: It acts as an antero-inferior capsular reinforcement. The ligament crosses the subscapularis before going to the humeral head and therefore operates as a tenodesis of the subscapularis. It acts as a restraint, obstructing anterior movement of the humeral head. Features and benefits Post operative immobilization is not required. The shoulder is stabilized without loss of proprioception. Minimally invasive. Open mesh structure acts as a scaffold, to encourage tissue ingrowth that protects the ligament from abrasion and adds strength as the tissue matures. Open mesh structure recruits fibrous growth rebuilding the inferior glenohumeral ligament.
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