Femoropatellar ligament ligament prosthesis / synthetic MPFL Neoligaments

Femoropatellar ligament ligament prosthesis / synthetic MPFL Neoligaments

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The MPFL System uses a 10 x 500 mm Poly-Tape in conjunction with a 6 mm Fastlok fixation device. The tape is looped through and around the patella and secured to the femoral attachment site using a Fastlok titanium alloy staple. The medial patellofemoral ligament is thus reconstructed without the need to harvest soft tissue. Indications The MPFL System is indicated for reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligaments in cases of recurrent patellar sublaxtion or dislocation. Features and Benefits Autografts or allografts are unnecessary, resulting in a quick and easy technique with no donor site morbidity and fewer incisions The implant only requires a small bone tunnel in the patella so reducing the potential of patella fracture The continuous longitudinal yarns of the device provide it with sufficient strength to allow early mobilization The open weave structure of the implant acts as a scaffold that encourages tissue ingrowth to speed up healing of the reconstruction
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