Anterior cruciate ligaments ligament prosthesis / synthetic HYBRID Neoligaments

Anterior cruciate ligaments ligament prosthesis / synthetic HYBRID Neoligaments

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The Hybrid system comprises a set of fixation devices that allow the construction of a “Hybrid Graft” for anatomical reconstruction of a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). The Hybrid can be implanted using modern ACL guidewire systems that are utilized for hamstring grafts. Indications The Hybrid System is a group of single use implants intended to be used for ACL reconstruction. This reconstruction procedure is particularly suited to the following situations: Acute ACL rupture during sport where extended period of post-operative of immobilization is undesirable; Patients with single or multiple ligament injuries Features and benefits The LK2-H comprises a 10 x 500 mm Poly-Tape and a titanium alloy SurfButton. It therefore provides all the advantages of the Poly-Tape (as described below) while also having several additional structural features intended to facilitate the surgery and improve its outcome: the transverse yarns are removed to provide parallel fibres where the Poly-Tape is threaded through the SurfButton. This facilitates a low profile when the button is seated on the lateral femoral cortex; the LK2-H can be attached to a closed loop of tendon which allows the reconstruction of the Hybrid graft to occur concurrently with the preparation of the bone tunnels and so minimizes the operating time; continuous longitudinal yarns provide a high strength to allow early mobilization.
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