Rotary thermosealer hpl 3000 DC-V hawo

Rotary thermosealer hpl 3000 DC-V hawo
hpl 3000 DC-V

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hpl 3000 DC-V Microprocessor controlled rotary welding and sealing machine with touchscreen for professional use in the medical industry. Validatable process in accordance with ISO 11607-2 as well as the compliance of the therefrom resulting specifications of the WFHSS Guideline for the Validation of the Sealing Process. Functionality The combined hpl 3000 DC-V rotary welding and sealing machine is distinguished by the ease with which you can navigate your way around the menu and enter data via the colour touchscreen or hs 3000 PC-PT software. Alternatively the system can be programmed and operated easily via barcode scanner (hawo IntelligentScan). During the sealing or welding process, the critical parameters sealing temperature, contact pressure and sealing speed (dwell) are automatically monitored. If one of the parameters deviates from preset values, the devices warn the user acoustically and stop the sealing process. The hpl 3000 DC-V possess various PC interfaces (RS232, USB and Ethernet) for process and batch documentation. The hawo machine guarantees efficient and reproducible packing, especially for large volumes of instruments.
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