Medical thermosealer hv 800 AP2-V / hv 800 AP4-V hawo

Medical thermosealer hv 800 AP2-V / hv 800 AP4-V hawo
hv 800 AP2-V / hv 800 AP4-V

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hv 800 AP2-V / hv 800 AP4-V Vacuum impulse welding machines for professional use in industry and medical industry. The hv hv 800 AP2-V / hv 800 AP4-V hawo vacuum impulse welding devices possess many features, which make the vacuum sealing, aeration and welding of thermoplastic pouches user friendly, safe and simple. The packaging process is validatable in accordance with ISO 11607-2. Functionality Various packaging materials can be used (see technical data for detailed information). By default, all vacuum impulse welding machines are equipped with two nozzles for even and rapid suction and gassing. For very large (up to 800 mm) and bulky packaging the validatable hv 800 AP4-V has four nozzles, making it one of the most powerful vacuum impulse welding machines on the market. The casing is made of stainless steel and is suitable for use in a clean room. The vacuum impulse welding machines possess a RS 232 interface for bi-directional communication and thus to integrate into the existing infrastructure for process and batch documentation. Features Validatable process in accordance with ISO 11607-2 Vacuuming, gas flushing and sealing of plastic bags as well as laminate, incl. aluminium-laminate hv 800 AP4-V with 4 nozzles for very bulky packaging Optionally available with SealCom communication module with 7” TFT color touch screen Max. welding seam lenght up to 800 mm
Obere Au 2-4,
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