Hand-held barcode scanner hd ValiScan hawo

Hand-held barcode scanner hd ValiScan hawo
hd ValiScan

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The ValiScan barcode scanner is part of the integrated ValiDoc documentation and packaging system by hawo. All of the required information such as the batch number, name of the packer and product designation are transferred to the ValiPak heat sealer using the easy-to-operate ValiScan barcode scanner and a pre-configured list of barcodes. This information is then output, once the sealing operation has been completed successfully, together with the expiry date and an HIBC (Health Industry Bar Code) on a label for the packaging identification. Once the instrument has been used, either the sandwich label can be removed from the packaging and stuck into the patients file or the HIBC can be scanned and stored in the patients electronic file. The intelligent scanning system (hawo IntelligentScan) recognises whether it is dealing with a packaging operatives name, product information or a batch number and assigns this information automatically to the standardised symbol on the label. Batch numbers that were generated by external systems (e.g. washing desinfector or steriliser) can be converted using the supplied software application or smartphone App into a barcode, captured easily by the scanner, transferred to the ValiDoc system and printed out on the label. Features HIBC compatible barcode scanner (Health Industry Bar Code) Intuitive programming of the connected heat sealer (e.g. hd 380 WSI-V ValiPak) Fast data input and documentation of the used instrument in the patients electronic file
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