Rotary chair for vestibular testing MED4 SYNAPSYS

Rotary chair for vestibular testing MED4 SYNAPSYS

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ROTARY CHAIR MED4 is Electronic Rotary chair used for full kinetic testing. It is used to improve and complete vestibular testing with MED4. It has optional manual or automatic controls by Ulmer’s VNG. It is used to execute all types of kinetic stimulation automatically. It has till 16 predefined profiles like sinusoidal, SHA test, square and such like which is adapted with determination of VOR gain, phase, preponderance and multi-frequency analysis. It permits evaluation the full range of frequencies. It drives high-speed rotational testing to up to 200°/s, and limited to 100°/s in the standard profiles. Maximum acceleration attained is 100°/s². Gas control for seat back. Maximum weight supported 130Kg. Stimulation profiles adjusted upon demand.
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