Baropodometry platform SPS SYNAPSYS

Baropodometry platform SPS SYNAPSYS

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Assessment and treatment of balance disorders is provided by this device. This is not a FDA approved product. For the US market the manufacturer should be contacted. A static and dynamic platform is provided by the device. A quantified result is provided by this cost-effective and dependable clinical tool. With the help of Sensory Organization Test (S.O.T) the three sensory inputs of balance which are Vision, Proprioception and Vestibular system, are analyzed by the equipment. The complete & objective postural diagnosis is evaluated by the device in order to compare with normative data. Innovative analysis and customizable simulations are allowed by the device. It allows new tests with foam and new report is generated. A motor driven platform is included in the complete system. The Motor-Driven Platform evaluates falling risk of elderly patients. Perturbing stimulations that are horizontal translations, sinusoidal movements, or customized stimulations, are enabled by the platform for patient's dynamic balance, regularity of postural reaction, adaption abilities to stimulus repetition and effectiveness of quick or automatic postural adjustment. There is a combination of still and translational examinations.
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