Eye motion analysis software / medical TORSIO ULMER SYNAPSYS

Eye motion analysis software / medical TORSIO ULMER SYNAPSYS

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TORSIO ULMER provides investigation of the 3D eye movement. Emerging from the state of the art image treatment technologies, TORSIO ULMER is the first medical tool that utilizes real-time for estimating the 3 components of the eye movement. Regular practice of clinicians reveals interest in measurement and observation of torsional component of eye movement. Torsio is not approved by FDA, so interested individuals have to contact Synapsys for the US market. Torsional software is designed especially for measurement of ocular torsion. Real-time display of 3D eye movement comes with a precision of 0.1 to 0.3 deg. Besides, it gives cumulative tracing, slow phase velocities and positions for all components and real time histogram of ocular torsion angle. Torsio can measure static counter-torsion ocular-cephalic angle, also known as tilt test, when this angle is under dependence of otolithic function. It is perfect for each stage of the examination that involves study of vertical canals.
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