Revision acetabular prosthesis / cemented Lima Corporate

Revision acetabular prosthesis / cemented Lima Corporate
Lima Corporate

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DELTA REVISION DELTA-REVISION is ideal for socket revision surgery even when there are cavitary and segmental bone defects. It is possible to restore muscle tension and correct anatomical impairments, while further enhancing implant stability and minimising the risk of luxation. The implant’s macro-textured surface also contributes to increasing its stability. Secondary stability is achieved thanks to the surface-porous Titanium coating. ACETABULAR PLATES & CEMENTED CUPS Acetabular reinforcement cages are designed to provide support in cementing Polyethylene cups. Reinforcement cages are anchored to the pelvis by a caudal hook that is inserted into the obturator foramen.
  • Surgical application:revision
  • Fixture type:cemented
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Villanova di San Daniele del Friuli (UD)
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