Rescue exercise training manikin / bariatric 1500 Simulaids

Rescue exercise training manikin / bariatric 1500 Simulaids

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Bariatric Rescue Suit Rescue Suit is perfect for trainers and emergency personnel to be trained on rescue and retrieval. Simulaids was approached by a physician after he was involved in a difficult house detachment of a large patient. It became clear that standard patient handling techniques were not suitable for the detachment of morbid obese patients. The physical limitations of the buildings in which some of these patients reside also required special consideration. The Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit replicates the weight and the movement of the body tissue associated with morbidly obese patients. This simulation is made possible by an exo-suit which allows the user to add up to 440 lbs of water. When the exercise is complete, the water can be simply drained out from the manikin thus making the manikin more portable. In its dehydrated version, the manikin can be easily transported between different locations. The Bariatric Suit fits only the Regular Rescue Randy original 5 ft. 5", bald manikins.
  • Patient type:bariatric
  • Procedure:for rescue exercises
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