Circumcision training simulator / male 1914 / 1925 / 1910 Simulaids

Circumcision training simulator / male 1914 / 1925 / 1910 Simulaids
1914 / 1925 / 1910

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Male Circumcision Model: Circumcision services are being offered worldwide as part of HIV prevention services. A large number of health care workers are being trained to provide safe male circumcisions. The surgical skills of these providers are best developed through hands-on practice. Suturing speed is directly related to the amount of time spent practicing this skill. The Male Circumcision model was developed in conjunction with urologists to allow students to perfect their skills prior to circumcising actual patients. Circumcision Model Set These Static Pre-Circumcision and Post-Circumcision Models assist practitioners as an education aid to help explain the procedure and end result. Models accurately sized and include glans penis, frenulum, meatus, foreskin, and coronal margin landmarks.
  • Procedure:circumcision
  • Patient type:male
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