Intramuscular injection patient simulator / care / CPR / baby SB45372 Simulaids

Intramuscular injection patient simulator / care / CPR / baby SB45372 Simulaids

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Infant Multipurpose Patient Care and CPR Simulator Looks just like a 0-8 week old baby. The face and body offer extraordinary detail. Realistic characteristics include soft hands, feet, fingers, and toes; soft, flexible face skin and upper body skin; self-molded hair; realistic eyes; simulated ear canal; tongue may be moved from side to side; and arms and legs rotate within the torso body for lifelike feel and position. Simulator allows practice of heel stick and finger prick; bathing and bandaging; male and female catheterization; umbilical catheterization; enema administration; oral, nasal, and digital intubation; placement of OP/NP tubes and nasal and oral gastric tubes; suctioning; and intraosseous infusion. Also features intramuscular injection site in upper thigh, interchangeable male organ, urethral passage and bladder, removable internal tanks, external stoma sites with internal tanks, right/left mainstem bronchi, BVM with realistic chest rise, chest compression, and IV arm with variable and palpable pulses. Includes T-shirt, diapers, nylon carrying bag, and instruction manual.
  • Procedure:intramuscular injection, care, CPR
  • Patient type:baby
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