Reporting software / analysis / medical / medical imaging Volocity 3D PerkinElmer

Reporting software / analysis / medical / medical imaging Volocity 3D PerkinElmer
Volocity 3D

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For a more complete picture of your cells View your cells in 3D and make new discoveries with Volocity Visualization, which enables you to uncover cellular relationships you couldnt see before with rapid, interactive, high-resolution volume rendering of time resolved and multichannel 3D datasets. Explore and interact with your cells in 3D for a greater understanding Read a range of fluorescence z-stack images from widefield and confocal microscopes, and high content screening systems such as the Opera® and Operetta® systems Drag and drop your image files into the software to interactively explore in 3D Rotate, zoom and fly through rendered objects in real time, whilst simultaneously varying the contribution of each channel to the rendered view Choose from rendering options including solid surfaces, varying opacity and shadows See how the three dimensions intersect at any point Explore structures and processes from any angle in fixed and dynamic experiments Navigate rendered images using a gamepad, which allows free flight around and through the volume, just like using a game console Save viewing states with the 3D Bookmark features so that you can easily compare multiple data sets using the same viewing parameters
  • Application domain:medical imaging, medical
  • Function:reporting, analysis
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