Automated cell imaging system / high-content Operetta PerkinElmer

Automated cell imaging system / high-content Operetta PerkinElmer

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As scientists try to answer increasingly complex biological questions, they need to conduct imaging experiments on a larger scale. But analyzing samples manually can be a long and difficult process , increasing the chance of producing biased data. That’s why more scientific researchers are turning to high throughput biology, where automation meets cellular biology. And why they rely on the Operetta® High Content Imaging System, the superior solution for delivering it. Stunning image quality. See all the possibilities. High numerical aperture objectives give exceptional images for higher quality data and reliable results Fast widefield imaging for routine applications Confocal imaging option for image quality without compromise for more reliable data in 2D and 3D. Use confocal imaging to eliminate background, improve signal-to-noise and to protect live cell samples by minimizing photobleaching and phototoxicity Unsupervised automated image acquisition and autofocus for reliable high content imaging from slides to multiple plates Low and high magnification plus a large field of view allows you to look at the whole well and choose an area of interest for detailed analysis Compatible with our range of imaging microplates for the best quality images Expert, global service and applications support from our dedicated team of lab- and field-based application specialists, plus an exclusive HCS support portal
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