Molecular biology workstation / automatic / 1-station Zephyr® PerkinElmer

Molecular biology workstation / automatic / 1-station Zephyr® PerkinElmer

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A robust and simple solution for DNA and RNA applications. Ideal for: DNA extraction Sequencing purification RNA extraction PCR setup Plasmid isolation Sequencing reaction setup PCR purification Normalization PCR sequencing More The Zephyr Molecular Biology Workstation is a powerful solution for automating numerous critical yet routine molecular biology processes such as nucleic acid purification, reaction setup, and normalization. This benchtop workstation is designed to remove many of the technical hurdles of automating these protocols, without sacrificing functionality and flexibility. Advances in genomics have generated a clear need for higher sample volumes without sacrificing data quality. Automating many of the error prone and routine manual protocols is the logical path, but unfortunately automation often comes with its own challenges, such as learning to program methods for machine execution and planning assays for unattended operation. The Zephyr Molecular Biology Workstation is the perfect compliment for todays molecular biology laboratories. Whether isolating total RNA, purifying PCR fragments, setting up reactions, or normalizing DNA samples, the Zephyr Molecular Biology Workstation provides a straight forward and simplified approach, which reduces errors and ensures reproducibility.
  • Application:molecular biology
  • Other characteristics:automatic
  • Number of stations:1-station
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