Reporting software / analysis / medical / medical imaging MiReport Millensys

Reporting software / analysis / medical / medical imaging MiReport Millensys

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MILLENSYS Reporting Tool "MiReport" is a tool designed to handle all type of reports whether it is template based "normal and abnormal for each exam of a modality" or a structured report using choices and selection from a database or knowledge base. MiReport is designed to be integrated with any of Vision Tools products or MiRIS to write professional reports, also it is an important item of the RIS environment. MiReport is very helpful in PACS/RIS environment to automate the workflow of report typing and distribution inside the radiology and cardiology department. Worklist Management Manage studies aided by multiple search cheiteria and search filters to retrieve the selected studies asap. color coded worklist to quickly identify verified, unreported , partially reported studies. Each user has its own worklist from the Enterprise. WORD/Image Management Work with both embeded word processor or with Microsoft WORD. Insert images in reports, tables, headers and footers automatically Speech Dictation Built in speech dictation with microphone and easy navigation buttons to record, play, forward/rewind. Dictated reports are saved as voice files and archived on PACS/RIS server for transcpition
  • Function:reporting, analysis
  • Application domain:medical imaging, medical
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