Medical computer workstation / nuclear medicine GView Millensys

Medical computer workstation / nuclear medicine GView Millensys

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Using Vision Tools GammaView Printing features can save time and money and produces much more impressive image printout using professional cost effective inkjet printers printing on white glossy A4 papers or transparencies with higher resolution than normal dye sublimation printers of higher cost. Vision Tools GView is a very powerful and scalable acquisition and viewing station for Nuclear Medicine "NM" machines. The GView station can be connected to any type of NM machines whether it is dicom or non-dicom "using video or digital interface". One of the important features of the GView station is that it can convert the non-dicom NM into a dicom one providing huge amount of functions and facilities for image information, archiving and processing. Using the Visual filming tool the user can print a complete formatted film in just view seconds.
  • Application domain:nuclear medicine, medical
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