Nuclear medicine computer workstation / medical OperaPro Millensys

Nuclear medicine computer workstation / medical OperaPro Millensys

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One of the important features of Vision Tools OperaPro is the capabilities to display multiple cine loops at the same time for comparison and processing. The OperaPro system can play from one cine loop to 12 cine loop per view monitor.each cine loop can be processed alone and a group or all the cine loops can be processed together. adding filters, changing the brightness and contrast, sharpening and smoothing, embossing, DSA, edge enhancements and many more. The OperaPro station can be provided with dual monitor in order to display all the operations done on the main monitor installed in the control room to a second monitor installed in the machine room it self. The second monitor can do automatic replay of the acquired cine-loop and is very useful for DSA and Road mapping functions.
  • Application domain:nuclear medicine, medical
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