Reeducation sling / dog Toe-Up OrthoPets Europe

Reeducation sling / dog Toe-Up OrthoPets Europe

The Toe-Up sciatic sling is the one product in our range which is available ?off the shelf?. The Toe-Up has been developed to assist those dogs who suffer from hind paw knuckling. The sling prevents knuckling by supporting the 2 centre digits, and is attached via an adjustable elastic cord to a strap on the hock. A Ruffwear boot conversion is also available for those cases where prolonged use of the ?Toe-up? Sciatic Sling is required, or where the dog has delicate or sensitive interdigital skin. It allows the ?Toe-up? Sciatic sling to lift the dog?s paw without it directly contacting the skin
  • Patient type: : dog
  • Applications: : reeducation
United Kingdom

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