Passive wheelchair / veterinary KERDOG™ OrthoPets Europe

Passive wheelchair / veterinary KERDOG™ OrthoPets Europe

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The KERDOG™ should not be confused with the myriad of carts on the market for those unfortunate dogs with permanent mobility issues. The purpose of the KERDOG™ is to provide a rehabilitation modality that can be used at home to give the dog therapy seven days a week to compliment any other form of rehab., such as physiotherapy or hydrotherapy. Available in 4 sizes to cater for most dogs up to a weight of 36Kgs, the KERDOG™ offers multiple levels of adjustment to provide a comfortable fit. With its unique wheel driven pedal system, the KERDOG™ offers a three stage protocol to assist those dogs suffering from short to medium term hind paralysis, but can also offer benefits to dogs with degenerative conditions by reducing the rate of decline. The KERDOG™ is available for outright purchase or on monthly rental. Designed in partnership with specialists in neurology and orthopaedic surgery in Europe and the USA Unique wheel driven pedal system stimulates hind limb movement Whilst the dog walks using its front legs, the rehab work is done in an ideal position without pain and without risks. It is also possible to mobilise either the right or left leg independently, if required.
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