Radiometer 590303000 Windaus Labortechnik

Radiometer 590303000 Windaus Labortechnik

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ALPHA iX radioactivitymeterBase device ALPHAiX is an extremely light and handy instrument for contamination measurement-conceived as well for mobile as stationary purposes.ALPHAiX allows measurements of ALPHA / BETA and GAMMA rays at a real reasonable price level.ALPHA iX is equipped with a microprocessor controlled analyzing ? system, which can be implemented with different probes ( counter ? tubes ) for many purposes. The compatibility to all of the counter ? tubes makes the ALPHAiX device a mobile allrounder on every field of professional radiation measurement. It is sturdy and have a clearly arranged design moreover it guarantuees maximum functionality. The ALPHA iX is equipped with 3 measurement programs, which can be seleceted:- Impulses per measurement sequence- Impulses per minute ( arithmetic average )- ?,Sv / h ( Microsievert per second )TECHNICAL DATAMemory the device saves the last 40 measuring results automatically Alert Alert barrier is adjustable at willDisplay digital / 8 spots Interface digital output for PCPower supply 9V block battery Dimensions 120 x 60 x 30mm

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