Laboratory pH meter / portable / with thermometer 610310001 Windaus Labortechnik

Laboratory pH meter / portable / with thermometer 610310001 Windaus Labortechnik

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WinLab Data Line pH-meter and temperature measuring instrument, WITHOUT accessory Technical features Simultaneous pH or mV and temperature indicationAutomatic sensor identification for temperature sensorPTC, Pt100, NTC 30 k?,, the sensor type is indicated in the displayExtra input for temperature measurementa) for PTC sensor with 5 m or 10 m cable for deep-water temperature measurementsb) for Pt 100 for exact measurements across a large measurement range from -100to 400°C Electrode faults are identified and indicated immediately Calibration is performed automatically for 2 buffer values and three different buffer solutions (WinLab, NBS or other) The last calibration is indicated with the date in the display (acc. to GLP) Optical alarm for the next due calibrationThe data loggerEquipped as standard for 250 measurement data complete with indication of the measurement value, the measurement variable, the measurement point and date WinLab starts measurements automatically at the required time, serial measurements are easy to take(max. 250 measurements) With RS 232 C interface for transferring the data to a PC The caseExtremely tough, impact-resistant, dust-proof and water-proof (protection type IP 66and IP 67) for harsh conditionsThe display Is (14 mm high) very good to read, with the indication of the measurement variable and a parallel temperature reading. Other items of information displayed: electrode condition, electrode faults, calibration intervals, calibration faults, date, time, type of buffer solution, etc. WinLab Profi-Box with integrated stand for calibrations and measurements

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