Lux meter 619999004 Windaus Labortechnik

Lux meter 619999004 Windaus Labortechnik

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LUXMETER FOR AIR AND WATER MEASUREMENTSThese very well approved and reliable measuring instruments,which are also contained in the EnvironmentalMeasuring Box UW, are very suitable for under waterlight intensity measurements. Therefore, turbidity instanding waters can quite exactly be reproduced and measured. The measuring head is waterproof and mounted to a 10 m cable. Also, with its wide measuring range theluxmeter can very well be used for outside measurements,e.g. in woods at a clearing, etc. With socket for UW analogue output. Now available as box set!TECHNICAL DATA:Measuring range:0 to 2000 lux, resolution: 1 luxMeasuring range:0.1 to 199.9 klux, resolution 0.1 kluxAccuracy in the spectral range ca. 5 %With 5 m cable and meter marking

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