Radial vein harvesting endoscopic surgical system VASOVIEW 7 MAQUET

Radial vein harvesting endoscopic surgical system VASOVIEW 7 MAQUET

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Optimal clarity, improvised tunnel creation and ease in dissection are attributed to the streamlined dissection tip of the device. In order to enhance visual clarity, a closed system has been incorporated having CO2 insufflation. This system enables extended view of the tunnel by means of advanced focal distal insufflation. Selective tip options with scissors or bisectors known as BiSECTORTM has been made feasible by a format which proves flexibility. Optimal mobility for the harvest of saphenous vein or radial artery is implied by utmost extension and rotation of the tools. For obtaining instant productivity, a responsive control mechanism, backed by an user-friendly platform proves to be necessary. Enhanced reach accounts for an effective 7 mm scope, enabling the extraction of maximum benefit from each harvest. Patient outcomes could be improved by Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting having Vasoview. Chances of wound complexities and infections are minimized significantly by means of a 2 cm incision. This leads to a faster recovery and reduced pain after operation. The known platform with responsive controls ensures confidence and immediate productivity.
  • Application:for radial vein harvesting
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