Vascular stent graft / abdominal / polyester INTERGARD MAQUET

Vascular stent graft / abdominal / polyester INTERGARD MAQUET

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INTERGARD Heparin grafts present a unique combination of a drug and a device. Heparin is used as an anticoagulant agent and it also inhibits smooth muscle cell proliferation. Using biologically active heparin on the fabric of the graft, a random clinical trial showed higher latency rates and lower amputation rates when compared to the PTFE. The INTERGARD grafts are made of collagen-coated heparin-bonded polyester. They are available in two configurations, knitted and ultra thin, to provide options for vascular procedures. Advantages include the ability for antithrombotic and anti proliferation properties locally at the site of the graft. The INTERGARD is intended to be used with rifampicin loading procedures.
  • Material:polyester
  • Area of the body:abdominal
  • Cardiovascular system :vascular
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