Hybrid vascular prosthesis / ePTFE / PET FUSION MAQUET

Hybrid vascular prosthesis / ePTFE / PET FUSION MAQUET

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Offering vascular surgeons the best of both materials, FUSION is starting the revolution of Vascular Grafts as they are merged with PET and ePTFE. The ePTFE offers easy handling and minimal suture hold bleeding is noticed fron the knit polyester grafts. After peripheral bypass surgers, the double layer construction of grafts offers the benefits of durability for long performance and axial compliance for improved handling for better hemostasis. It is also crush resistant which helps in the flow dynamics. According to the data that is on file, the results of the bench test may not be an indication of clinical performance. The PET and ePTFE layers are from a hybrid construction where the inner layer of the graft is made up of polytetrafluoroethylene that is expanded and extruded. The knit polyester textile is used in the outer layer. The two layers have been fused with a polycarbonate urethane adhesive.
  • Material:hybrid, ePTFE, PET
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