Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held VIP™-200 NeurOptics

Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held VIP™-200 NeurOptics

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Accurate pupillometry is an important part of the planning process from evaluation and screening to surgery planning. The NeurOptics VIP™-200 Pupillometer is portable and operated through battery. The hand-held device is used in measuring pupils. It is also used in screening candidates for refractive procedures as well as other ophthalmic applications like fitting of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs). It can measure pupils accurately even in darkness for 2 seconds via no background illumination or Dark mode. It can also measure, record, and report average pupil size as well as standard deviation immediately and accurately. Its accuracy is more than 0.1 mm. Furthermore, the variable mode is used to measure pupil diameter at different simulated light levels in a single sequence for 10 seconds. This permits clinicians to come up with the best decisions when it comes to LASIK and IOL patients depending on the size of the pupil, daily activities, and preferences of the patient. It features one-button activation, does not require user calibration, and provides a printed verification.
  • Type of instrument:pupil meter
  • Ergonomics:hand-held
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