Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held NPI™-100 NeurOptics

Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held NPI™-100 NeurOptics

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The NeurOptics NPI 100 Pupillometer is designed for effective measurement of the pupil. It is a hand-held cordless device that is very simple and easy to use. It removes the subjectivity within the measurements of the pupil size and they way the pupillary light reflexes. The device is able to accurately measure the size, latency, constriction, velocity and dilation velocity. The device provides the most accurate numbers for the clinicians to track and trend. It does not require any calibration by the user and it is extremely easy to use. It takes over 30 photos per second within the pupil's response to the light stimulus. It displays reading in both numerical and graphic forms and it can store up to 3,000 readings on the device itself. It prints via infrared to a printer that is fully portable.
  • Ergonomics:hand-held
  • Type of instrument:pupil meter
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