Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held PLR-200™ NeurOptics

Pupil meter (ophthalmic examination) / hand-held PLR-200™ NeurOptics

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The device performs pupillometry which can be applied in many research applications. Pupillometry has long been used by researches to measure how the autonomic nervous system functions as it measures drug metabolism, detect fatigue and drug impairment, and a lot more human and animal applications. These pupillometers by NeurOptics are specifically important in research for use in fields such as Anesthesiology and Pain, Critical Care, Autonomic Neuroscience, Drug Addiction, Defense and Space, Geriatrics, Gastroenerology, Marketing/Advertising, Otolaryngology, Nutrition, Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Refractive Surgery or LASIK, Physical Therapy or Chiropractic, Endocrinology/Diabetes, Rheumatology, Emergency Medicine, Drug Impairment, and Sleep Science, which includes the identification of fatigue and other sleep disorders.
  • Ergonomics:hand-held
  • Type of instrument:pupil meter
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