PTCA catheter / balloon DIOR Eurocor

PTCA catheter / balloon DIOR Eurocor

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DIOR PTCA Catheter is explained as a double Lumen coronary Catheter for a rapid exchange with a balloon that can be enlarged and two radiolucent targets (proximal and distal), to facilitate the balloon positioning under X-Ray fluoroscopy. DIOR PTCA Catheter is coated with Paclitaxel pharmaceutical active ingredients (3µg/mm²). The outer lumen is used for balloon inflation and the inner lumen received a guidewire Ø 0.014” to facilitate the advancement of the catheter. Two marker bands located on the inner member are used to indicate by fluoroscopy working length of the balloon. The tip soft and tapered to facilitate advancement of the catheter to and through the stenosis. The proximal part is a single-lumen made with a plastic tube and a stainless steel hypotube. Proximal visual markers located 90 cm and 100 cm from the distal tip aid catheter positioning in the guiding catheter using either the brachial or femoral approach.