Coronary stent / cobalt chromium Genius MAGIC Eurocor

Coronary stent / cobalt chromium Genius MAGIC Eurocor
Genius MAGIC

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Genius MAGIC Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System Genius MAGIC represents the latest- State of the Art- cobalt chromium coronary stent technology. Based on the bioflexible stenting concept, Genius MAGIC effectively provides a "magical stenting performance", to the fullest satisfaction of the interventional cardiologist. Technical Features Genius MAGIC is made of L 605, a great material for stents. It has even 10% less Nickel content than stainless steel. Nickel is one major material factor which produces sensitivity reaction. For sensitive patients like Diabetic patients, Genius MAGIC is recommended. Super-thin stent of 0.0025" strut thickness only, reduces foreign body impact. The total stent volume is minus 55% if compared with most other coronary stents, widely used on the market. Comment of renown US pathologist Renu Virmani at an interview at PCR 06.: "Struts make a big difference. It is clear that the thinner the struts the better the design."
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