Coronary stent / drug eluting Genius TAXCOR I Eurocor

Coronary stent / drug eluting Genius TAXCOR I Eurocor

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"Stent Thrombosis is a growing concern" Clinical Studies show 60% of stent thrombosis lead to a myocardial infarction* 45% of stent thrombosis lead to death.* TAXCOR I reduces the risk of any polymer-induced, late adverse effect potential TAXCOR I reduces the risk of subacute thrombosis by blood clot formation TAXCOR I fully elutes the entire drug dosage in 26 days TAXCOR I shows complete re-endothelialisation TAXCOR I does require a dual antiplatelet therapy, which is limited to 6 months, after stent implantation TAXCOR I provides a functionalized, bio-active, modified stent surface matrix, for the ideal attachment of the drug Paclitaxel The Stent Platform: Bioflexibility reduces stenting trauma! Genius MEGAflex is an ideal stent platform of TAXCOR I. MEGAflex provides biological-based coronary stent biomechanics to the arterial wall. The bioflexible stent flexes in full conformity with the stented and flexing coronary artery, with every hearbeat. TAXCOR I minimizes the stent-induced arterial wall stress, thus the mechanical stenting trauma, which results in significantly lower neointimal hyperplasia reaction. TAXCOR I provides superb deliverability and conformability, to the fullest satisfaction of the cardiologist.
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