Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / 12 independent cells BOA 2 max METRUM CRYOFLEX

Pressure therapy unit (physiotherapy) / 12 independent cells BOA 2 max METRUM CRYOFLEX
BOA 2 max

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With all the special features of this device, we can say that BOA MAX 2 medical device utilize state-of-the-art technology. This compression therapy system are equipped with microprocessor controller that executes treatment procedures and at any time the microprocessor software can be upgraded to ensure its compatibility with current knowledge. This feature protects the device against premature functional ageing. BOA MAX 2 has very effective method and devices used in medicine such as for rehabilitation after injuries and contusions, to treat lymphatic and venous failure, prophylaxis of phlebothrombosis, oedemas of upper limbs, chest and back after mastectomy, various etiology oedemas of lower limbs,slimming massage and treatments of cellulitis and pdt prevention and elimination. This device can also be use in aesthetic medicine, cosmetics and wellness. It can help to avoid the development of cellulite, stopping the accumulation of cellulite and liquid,prevention and elimination of varicose the first stage,shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms,strengthening loose skin (result of pregnancy, obesity),immediate relief for “heavy legs” and speed recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis, cavitation.
  • Number of independent cells:12 independent cells
  • Type:pressure therapy unit
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Lomianki / Warsaw
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