Portable hyperbaric chamber / monoplace Quamvis™ 320 OxyHealth

Portable hyperbaric chamber / monoplace Quamvis™ 320 OxyHealth
Quamvis™ 320

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Our new and improved portable hyperbaric chamber was designed and manufactured to meet the rigorous PVHO guidelines in order to provide the most durable soft chamber on the market. Tough and durable, these chambers provide added reinforcement while maintaining their practicality and comfort. Available with a 32" diameter, the Quamvis320 is all about giving the best flexibility in pressure protocols in a portable design. Features: Meets stringent PVHO Non-Mandatory Appendix ultimate strength requirement 4 psi portable mild hyperbaric chamber Pressure tested beyond 24 psi to exceed PVHO-1 safety requirements 44 oz urethane bladder with proprietary "SteelWeld" seams Extreme performance reinforcing ballistic nylon jacket with Lexan® mix viewing windows External "SafeSet" buckling system for additional secure enclosure support Designed for improved airflow throughout chamber Rigid frame maintains form when deflated Medical pass-through facilitates external device hookup Clean air compressor (double head, oil-less, dual intake filters) High efficiency in-line filtration system filters to 0.01 microns Bolster set cradles and stabilizes chamber when inflated Custom mattress contoured to fit inside the chamber Chamber carry bag Patent Pending Specifications: • Length: 93" • Diameter (inflated): 33” • Inflated circumference: 109”
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