Portable hyperbaric chamber / monoplace Fortius 420 OxyHealth

Portable hyperbaric chamber / monoplace Fortius 420 OxyHealth
Fortius 420

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With its introduction of the Fortius 420 model, affectionately dubbed the “Baby Blue,” OxyHealth continues to make hyperbaric medicine an accesible choice. This Hyperbaric Oxygen chamber provides an alternative modality for physicians to treat a broad range of hyperbaric indications – without the usual contraindications of high cost installations, pricey treatments, and complicated operation. At the same time, the compact design of the Fortius 420 has been specifically designed for the space-conscious office. The Fortius 420 Features: • Order/Ship/Install in less than one week • Portable—Simple to move from one place to another • Handsome Powder-coated Baby Blue Finish • Three observation windows • Roomy, comfortable interior • Custom fit mattress • Designed for ‘self treatment’ • Mirror controls—both inside and outside • Instantly change from a static air flow-through system • Pre-determined or variable treatment pressures • 1 1/4 inch polycarbon—8” diameter
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Santa Fe Springs
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