Polyester vascular prosthesis / collagen / knitted INTERGARD MAQUET

Polyester vascular prosthesis / collagen / knitted INTERGARD MAQUET

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The best option for abdominal vascular restoration MAQUET's collagen-covered INTERGARD Knitted vascular splice which are intended with an exclusive overturn catch tick edifice that proffers outstanding treatment and sew uniqueness. Outcome is extended steadiness and fight to postpnement. INTERGARD Knitted splice have a rupture power almost double that of other knitted polyester collagen- saturate attach on the souk. It considerably decreases the possibility for postoperative postponement. To endorse best remedial and enduring patency, INTERGARD Knitted has modest velour on the exterior shell. They include a yielding, open fold design to decrease confusion and augment neointima configuration. Confirmed enduring strength and confrontation to autopsy expansion. Antidote interlace design creates exceptional treatment and storability. Modest velour edifice intended to endorse best remedial. Verified medical security and effectiveness: clinical trial consequences established less snags and a top primary patency tempo contrast with an additional commercially accessible collagen-saturated graft.
  • Material:collagen, polyester
  • Other characteristics:knitted
Kehler Strasse 31,
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