Pneumatic tube system hospital TranspoFlex / Urgence21 Swisslog

Pneumatic tube system hospital TranspoFlex / Urgence21 Swisslog
TranspoFlex / Urgence21

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Ideal for hospitals that need a point-to-point material transport solution, the TranspoFlex (U21) Pneumatic Tube System increases efficiency by freeing staff from manual transport activities. This mono-directional air tube system moves samples to or from central locations within hospitals. It also augments existing facility-wide systems, providing emergency transport from emergency departments and operating rooms to the lab. The pneumatic tube system uses disposable bags to safely transport materials. A hygienic solution for infection-sensitive departments, the bags are sealed with a permanent adhesive, keeping contents safe and allowing for prompt identification of unauthorized opening. Each bag features a unique barcode. Simple in its construction, yet powerful in its ability to increase staff efficiency, TranspoFlex delivers a quick return on investment and keeps operating costs to a minimum.
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