Pneumatic tube system hospital TransLogic® Swisslog

Pneumatic tube system hospital TransLogic® Swisslog

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Specially designed to handle hospitals’ automated material transport needs, the TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers patient-critical items quickly and reliably. This leading pneumatic tube system ensures delivery performance – even at peak times – to eliminate wait times and reduce manual labor. With the time saved from delivering materials, medications, IVs, paperwork and lab samples, staff can focus on patient-care activities. Combined sending and receiving stations feature easy-to-use control panels. Hospital departments can customize their station to meet their needs – from enabling secure send to setting speeds to handle sensitive materials. This proven technology was developed to promote best practices in security, safety, accuracy and proper transport protocol. Swisslog’s pneumatic tube system experts design the TransLogic System to meet the traffic demands and requirements of each individual hospital. Whether air tubes must traverse multiple floors or multiple facilities, TransLogic can address these needs. Additionally, this automated material transport system is ideally suited to accommodate high traffic – some of our installed systems handle more than 10,000 daily transactions. The TransLogic Pneumatic Tube System delivers the best ROI of virtually any healthcare transport solution thanks to its long-life performance; fast, reliable and accurate delivery; and its high level of safety for patients, staff and transported materials.
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