Automated medication dispensing system UniPick 2 Swisslog

Automated medication dispensing system UniPick 2 Swisslog
UniPick 2

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An automated drug dispensing system, UniPick 2 reduces the manual dispensing process for outpatient medication – decreasing errors and increasing staff productivity. Pharmacists can now spend more time counseling patients on medication information and administration. A vertical moving conveyor belt and robotic loading module comprises the pharmacy dispensing system and enables simultaneous loading and dispensing of medication. The dispensing system fills an average of 10 prescriptions per minute, reducing wait times and overcrowding at the outpatient pharmacy. All medications are stored and dispensed in their original packaging. Laser scanning capabilities provide real-time inventory checks during loading and dispensing processes to maintain optimum inventory level during peak hours. The modular design of the UniPick 2 Drug Dispensing System allows pharmacies to customize the system based on their needs. Systems can be added as needed and integrated to existing system without compromising performance.
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