Pneumatic tourniquet / with air compressor E20 D. E. Hokanson

Pneumatic tourniquet / with air compressor E20 D. E. Hokanson

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The E20 Rapid Cuff Inflator (when used in conjunction with the AG101 Air Source, or equivalent air source) provides easy reliable rapid inflation for vascular cuffs of all sizes. This saves time with reliable reproducible results for every test. The E20 is the only rapid cuff inflator that can inflate a vascular cuff in less than 0.3 seconds! The large digital readout displays cuff pressure accurately to within 1 mmHg over a range of 0 to 300 mmHg. The cuff inflates quickly and holds the preset pressure indefinitely. Rapid inflation is essential for performing arterial inflow studies and the rapid cuff inflation system is popular among vascular professional who are performing venous insufficiency testing. An optional cycle timer will inflate and deflate repeatedly for preset intervals. Also, with our new NIVP3 software, the inflation times on E20 can be programmed according to your protocol.
  • Type:pneumatic
  • Options and accessories:with air compressor
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