Digital electrocardiograph / computer-based ANS2000 D. E. Hokanson

Digital electrocardiograph / computer-based ANS2000 D. E. Hokanson

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The ANS2000 measures the R-R Interval of a patients ECG waveform. Measurement of RR-variation is a sensitive, reproducible, and non-invasive autonomic test. The ANS2000 performs three simple tests of cardiac autonomic nervous function: RR-Variation (or HRV) Valsalva 30:15 Stand Test RR-Variation measures beat to beat heart rate variation, as it corresponds with deep respiration. Valsalva test measures beat to beat hart rate variation during a Valsalva maneuver. The 30:15 Stand Test measures heart rate variation with the patient's postural change. The ANS2000 is a handheld unit with three ECG leads and a Respiration Pacer, which connects to a personal computer through an optically isolated cable. ANS Reader software turns the unit on and off. The Respiration Pacer in the ANS2000 consists of a series of moving lights which guide the patient's breathing. ©
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