Pipetting robot SELMA 96, SELMA 384 Analytik Jena

Pipetting robot SELMA 96, SELMA 384 Analytik Jena

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The SELMA 96/384 Liquid Handling unit is available as either a 96- or a 364-channel device that can quickly and precisely process samples and/or microplates as well as processing individual columns. Volume ranges from 0.5 microliter to 1000 microliters can be accommodated. This instrument avoids the need of manually moving pipettes up and down to prepare samples, and does so in a semi-automated process that enables a number of wells to be processed simultaneously. The semi-automated process also guarantees both precision and reproducibility. The touch-screen display allows pipetting, dispensing, and other functions to be selected in addition to allowing the operator to enter the necessary operating parameters. The units open design allows it to be used with existing or external equipment.
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